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Smart-i-Tag Process

After you purchase your Smart-i-Tag® or Smart-i-Sticker® you will need to register your PIN/Code imprinted on the back of the Smart-i-Tag® or the front of the Smart-i-Sticker®. You can register on line or by calling 1 800 278-0508. 


Online Registration:

To register on line you click here: Register your tags and follow the prompts on the registration page.


Phone Registration:

Prior to registering with our automated phone system first write down your five (5) contact numbers.   This will save you time and phone expense when registering. The phone registration process is very simple:

  • Dial - 1 800 278-0508

  • The automated operator will prompt you to enter the PIN/Code on the tag or sticker.
  • You will be asked to enter your 4 digit personal password.
  • You will be then be prompted to enter up to five (5) contact numbers…
  • After you enter each contact number, the numbers will be repeated back to you. You have the option to either “confirm” or “change” the contact number.
  • After you have confirmed the numbers you are done, the tags are activated immediately.
  • You will them be prompted go to www.smartitag.com  ”Register Your Tag” to complete your registration
Made Error Registering...
If you make an error you can come back to the web site and enter the correct information.
To change contact numbers...
We recommend you go to Smart-i-Tag website, click on "register your tags" - click on "update". Or you can use your phone the charge for this process is your time and cost for the phone call.
Renew Tags or Stickers Yearly...
Go to the Products page and re-new. Renewal automatically for $4.95, Renewal includes all tags or stickers with the same PIN/Code.
When traveling on business or vacation...
When traveling It is advisable to change your contact numbers or the sequence of the numbers. Remember: in an effort to return your property the finder does not know what number they are being connected to–the process is very simple for the finder.



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