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Here are a few examples of what Smart-i-Tag™ can do for you…

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“Send in your story of how a belonging or pet you lost with a Smart-i-Tag™ attached was returned. If we choose your story as the story of the month we will send you a FREE Smart-i-Tag™ Family Pack, post your picture and your story of how Smart-i-Tag™ helped get your belongings or pet back to you safely!”

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Be contacted in an emergency...

While riding her bike home from school, Kendra was struck by a car. No one in the area knew her by name, but because her grandparents bought a Smart-i-Tag™, the paramedics used the information on the Smart-i-Tag™, attached to Kendra's backpack, to reach her mother on her cell phone.



Recover lost articles...

Before getting on the school bus each day my son Landon plays on the playground across the street. Last week he ran for the bus without remembering to grab his backpack. Thankfully I attached a Smart-i-Tag™, on it and another mom found the backpack, called the number on the Smart-i-Tag™ and Landon got his backpack back before lunch time that day.




More than just your home number...

I love my dog Max and last month while I was at work, Max got out and was struck by a car. The person who hit my dog took him to the nearest vet. Though the vet wanted to help, he's was not willing to go to a great expense without authorization. Thanks to the Pet Locator™ the veterinarian was able to reach me at work and received the authorization he needed to take care of my dog. I know that most other tags only have one number to call and that probably would have been my home number. Thanks, Smart-i-Tag™you saved my dog's life.




Works on everything...

When my wife, Lynn first purchased Smart-i-Tag™ I didn't think the system could really benefit me. She convinced me to place a tag on my car key ring. About 3 months ago I arrived at work and somehow my keys fell out of my coat pocket. While I was working at my desk I received a phone call from someone who said they had found a set of keys. I couldn't believe it, it took me over a week to tell Lynn. That's right I didn't want to hear “I told you so” even though she never said it but she made me send you this letter. Thanks Smart-i-Tag™ I apologized for being such a skeptic.



Lost My Cat…

One night in, October we had terrible storms in MD where I live. I opened the door and my cat, Sam, ran out. I spent the rest of the night looking for him - with no luck. 7The next morning I did all those things we do when our pet is lost. I distributed flyers, visited shelters and vets, and continued my search both on foot and by car. I saw no signs of Sam. On the third night I received a call from Julie about 10 miles away telling me that she had found a cat under her porch. She had never seen anything like Smart-i-Tag™ before and was glad she could help. I'm sure we most likely would not have gotten Sam back if it wasn't for the Smart-i-tag™ attached to Sam's collar. THANKS


Lost my iPod…

I had the unfortunate privilege of losing my iPod. There's something sad about loosing one's iPod. Especially for an audiophile like me. It's such a personal item. Just luck I had signed up a week earlier to you guys! Someone stole my iPod at a cafe but luckily they decide to return it anonymously, Smart-i-Sticker™ saved my day! This service is well worth the money; especially when you get your iPod back. It was my iPod with my music. Thanks again!!

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