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Frequently Asked Smart-i-Tag™ Questions



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"If you currently have Smart-i-Tags™, we will print out Smart-i-Stickers™ with your current PIN# on them. And you will receive 44 stickers. For additional information click here.

If you have an iPod, cell phone, laptop, expensive sunglasses or any other belonging that you would like returned if lost or misplaced, then Smart-i-Sticker™ is the answer for you!

The 33-sticker pack contains stickers of all sizes and shapes you can attach to your valuable belongings. We have small stickers for your sunglasses and larger ones for your laptops. They work the same as the Smart-i-Tag™, when you lose your valuable belonging with a Smart-i-Sticker™ attached, the finder will be able to locate you in 5 secure ways! AND Smart-i-Sticker™ deters identity theft by safeguarding your personal information as well.

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$19.95 (33 stickers)

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