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Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator

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  • 6 - 8 millions pets are returned to animal shelters each year.….” Sacramento Bee 2008
  • 3 - 4 million pets euthanized each year:….” Sacramento Bee 2008
  • 12 million pets are lost each year….” ASPCA 2001
  • 96% of cats and 86% of dogs are never returned to their owners....” Sacramento SPCA

Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator™, brings the latest in communications technology right to your pet's collar ensuring a quicker, safe return of your pet. Unlike the hidden "Micro Chip" we have heard about, the Pet Locator™, is clearly visible to anyone finding your pet and they can contact you directly, without knowing your name, phone number or address.

Your chances of getting your animal back quicker and safer are enhanced with Pet Locator™.

Think about it-- how would anyone know your pet has a microchip implanted without taking your pet to the Veterinarian or Pet hospital? And even if they take your pet to the Veterinarian to scan the microchip, the Veterinarian may not have the correct reader.

Our Pet Locator Smart-i-Tag™ has 3 tags because most families today have two or more pets! While other pet tags only have one way to contact you when your pet is lost. Smart-i-Tag™ provides the finder of your pet with more than one way to contact you when your pet is found . If you ever move or go on a trip, you can update your contact information at NO extra cost to you.

If your pet has a Micro Chip, it is recommended that a Pet Locator Smart-i-Tag™ be attached for secure/improved recovery when your pet is lost. Remember, when someone finds your lost pet they have no way of knowing if your pet has a microchip or if there is a scanner available that will read your pet's microchip.

Pet Locator Smart-i-Tag™ vs. Micro Chips

There is a problem for animal shelters and humane societies with different types of microchips available on the market. When a lost pet is picked up by an animal control officer, taken to an animal shelter or humane society, the professionals there may scan the animal, which will let them know if a microchip has been implanted.

However, each company that manufactures microchips has its own scanners, and these scanners "read" their own microchip. In other words, the scanner of one manufacturer may not be able to detect the microchip of another manufacturer, leading the shelter staff to believe your pet is not micro chipped.

Pet Locator Smart-i-Tag™ is visible, Micro Chips are not! When your pet has a Pet Locator® Smart-i-Tag™ attached you have a 95% better chance of getting your pet back than Microchips alone.

If you travel with your pet, attach a Pet Locator Smart-i-Tag , to your pet carrier as well as your pet

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