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Pet Statistics

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  • Pets"...In a sample 22 calls over 15 days to the "recovery line" ... tags, all made you leave a message." American Pet Association 2003

  • "Less that 1% of veterinarians scan every new client's pet to see if they are chipped..."APA 2003

  • Pet Travel Inc., recommends the following: "In addition to the Micro Chip your pet should have a pet tag on its collar with the pets name, your phone number, the Micro Chip number....” Do you really want people you don't know to have that personal information? Probably not!

  • Dog Owner's Guide says, "...puppy buyers should be aware that the scanners used by many veterinarians come from HomeAgain™ and cannot read the number on AVID chips." Avid cannot read HomeAgain™.

  • "A recent poll showed that of 82 humane shelters contacted randomly, 61 did not have scanners, 8 had scanners but didn’t use them and 3 scanned for microchips. Veterinarians on the average scan 1% of their customers pets." APA 2003

  • Avid Identification Systems Inc., one of the manufactures of a pet chip says, "When a shelter finds a pet with a microchip they will call AVID. If the pet is registered with AVlD's recovery network, PETtrac, the shelter will be given the owner's name. If the pet is not registered, they will be given the name of the veterinarian who injected the microchip. The veterinarian will provide the owner's latest information." If someone you don’t know finds your pet they will give that person your personal information. Do you really want people you don't know to have your personal information? Probably not!

  • Across the country 96% of cats and 86% of dogs are never returned to their owners...." Sacramento SPCA

  • "...1 out of 3 animals will eventually wander off, unfortunately most of them will be lost forever never to be returned to their owner..."ASPCA

  • Smart-i-Tag is enthusiastically received by Pet Owners, Parent's with Children. Veterinarians, SPCA Centers, Fire and Police Departments and Organizations that want a reliable safe, secure, private method of locating valuable PETS and BELONGINGS.

    • 6 - 8 millions pets are returned to animal shelters each year.….” Sacramento Bee 2008
    • 3 - 4 million pets euthanized each year:….” Sacramento Bee 2008
    • 12 million pets are lost each year….” ASPCA 2001
    • 96% of cats and 86% of dogs are never returned to their owners....” Sacramento SPCA



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