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Custom Metal Tags

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Send us a design and we will custom manufacture tags with your picture on them, your pet's picture, your own drawings, logo, business name, you name it and we will do our best for you!

Custom Metal Smart-i-Tags are great for schools, realtors, insurance companies, associations, chambers of commerce, clubs, and more.

You can use your custom metal Smart-i-Tags as business cards for your best clients, for your auto dealerships, and more.

Have your name and/or your company name in front of your customers every day!


Steps for Obtaining Custom Metal Tags!


E-mail Us your Request!
E-mail us directly with your custom request. Let us know how many tags you would like, and what you would like it to look like...please remember to tell us where you are located so we can calculate your shipping costs.

If you need help preparing your file for print, please just let us know and our graphic designer to help you create your custom logo or image!


We will E-mail You with a Quote & Payment, as well as passwords for you to upload your graphics!
Then, we will e-mail you with a password protected SECURE upload area to send us your files with instructions. Or, you can just e-mail us the files directly. We will also include a PRICE QUOTE and link to our custom payment area to pay for your tags!

Payment & Custom Order Created!
Finally, we will create your custom metal tag, and ship it directly to you! That's it!
Order more whenever you like!

Upload Area

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