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Lost and Found

If you have FOUND or LOST an item with a Smart-i-Tag attached. . .you can report it here!
Simply report the lost item or found item, and check back in with www.smartitag.com!

Report an Item Lost

Click here to Report an item Lost or check to see if anyone has already found your belonging or pet.

If you have recovered your lost belonging or pet click here to remove all information about the item being lost or found as the item has been returned.


You don't think it can happen to you!!

  • Law Enforcement agencies including the FBI recommend you do not have personal information visible such as name, address, or phone numbers on any ID tag attached to your belongings or pet.

  • Speaking of the FBI - they lose 3-4 laptops each month and 10 FBI laptops that were lost in the past 44 months had classified or sensitive information on them. Source: AP NWC 2007

  • A lost laptop can cost more than $6,000.00 to replace hardware, software, and recover data. Source: Gartner group5/07

  • Click here to read more Facts!





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