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Whether you lose your car or house keys, camera, bike, backpacks, kid's jackets, gym bag, golf clubs, cell phones, luggage or if you lost your pet, Smart-i-Tag™ will work to locate you in seconds not days – AND Smart-i-Tag deters identity theft by safeguarding your personal information as well.

Protects Personal Information

Listening to the news these days you know that Identity Theft is rampant. The FBI, local police and other law enforcement agencies tell us daily... putting your name, address or phone number on personal items is not a good idea….” ID theft is rampant. Because of the increase of child abduction and predators they stress DO NOT put your children’s name on any of their clothing or personal effects. "But what do you do if your child losses their backpacks, bicycles or other personal belongings and there is no identification on them? "

Smart-i-Tag™ is the Answer

Your Smart-i-Tag provides the means for someone to contact you without knowing your phone number, address or any other personal information. Any individual that finds your lost or misplaced belongings or pet will be in contact with you in seconds not days (see How it Works). Instead of one phone number your average ID tag have on them you can list up to five (5) contact phone numbers with Smart-i-Tag. When they make that call to return your belongings we protect your personal information and if you ever move or change your contact numbers you don't have to purchase another tag.

FAMILY PACK (9 Tags) $17.95

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