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Lost and Found Facts

You don't think it can happen to you!!

  • Law Enforcement agencies including the FBI recommend you do not have personal information visible such as name, address, or phone numbers on any ID tag attached to your belongings or pet.

  • Speaking of the FBI - they lose 3-4 laptops each month and 10 FBI laptops that were lost in the past 44 months had classified or sensitive information on them. Source: AP NWC 2007

  • A lost laptop can cost more than $6,000.00 to replace hardware, software, and recover data. Source: Gartner group5/07

  • 1,600 laptops are lost daily. Source: Time 1/03

  • The IRS lost 477 laptops and 13 desktop computers between 2003-2006. source: information week 4/9/7

    Cell Phones: 234 million subscribers, 30% lost every year. source: Sacramento Bee 4/14/7.

    Southwest Airlines, 6,000 cell phones end up in their lost/found department annually.source: Sacramento Bee 4/14/7.

  • Every year there are over 20 million car/house keys that are lost in the US.

  • Airlines in the USA lose 10,000 pieces of luggage every day!  That amounts to over 3.5 million each year.

  • Heathrow Airport: 120 Laptops lost each month Source: Silicon.com 2007

  • “…6 - 8 millions pets are returned to animal shelters each year.….” Sacramento Bee 2008

  • “…3 - 4 million pets euthanized each year:….” Sacramento Bee 2008

  • “…12 million pets are lost each year….” ASPCA 2001

  • …96% of cats and 86% of dogs are never returned to their owners....” Sacramento SPCA

  • 1 in 4 iPods are lost each year at a cost of $100-$300 they are expensive to replace.

  • 1 in 12 laptops will be lost or stolen in America each year.  In England it's 1 in 8!!!

  • Penn Station New York receives 4,000 lost items a day or 1.4 million lost annually! 

  • “…1 out of 3 animals will eventually wander off, unfortunately most of them will be lost forever never to be returned to their owner….” ASPCA 2001

  • “…85,000 phones, 21,00 PDA’s and approx 4,500 laptops were lost in Chicago Taxis….” PCWorld 2005

    Washington-Baltimore area 6,100 cell phones left in taxis. source: Sacramento Bee 4/14/7

    San Francisco-Bay Area 2,750 phones lost in a 6-month period 2006. source: Sacramento Bee 4/14/7

  • Taxis in London reported 4,973 Laptops, 5,939 Pocket PC’s and 63,135 cell phones were left in their cabs Laptopical 2005

  • Disneyland reports approx 300 cell phones plus numerous iPods, PDA’s, backpacks are lost every week. Laptopical 2005

  • Lost and Found recovery increases 80% when the finder has more than one way to locate you.

  • The typical cost of replacing a single so-called smart key is more than $150 or roughly 12 times the cost of the average mechanical key. The cost rises into the thousands of dollars if the automaker or dealership replaces a vehicle's electronic control module. Source:Center for Auto Safety 3/06

  • Some advanced systems are programmed so that the modules are matched to a unique set of keys. If the original keys are lost or damaged, the module also must be replaced adding additional costs. source: Center for Auto Safety 3/06





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