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EXTRA Smart-i-Tags or Smart-i-Stickers

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If you are like most families you quickly find out that your first set of tags and stickers are just not enough. Many families need more tags or stickers and Smart-i-tag™ offers a 12 pack of extra tags and a 33 pack of stickers at a considerable savings.

You must be a registered Smart-i-tag™ owner to be able to purchase the extra tags or stickers. You will not have to program in new numbers because you can use your existing PIN/CODE.

You can also upgrade your Smart-i-Sticker™ to be pre-printed with your existing PIN# on them for an additional $4.95 and it includes a bonus of 14 more stickers!

When you receive these tags you will use your Pin/Code from your tags or sticker.


Extra Smart-i-Tags $9.95 (12 tags)

Extra Smart-i-Stickers $11.95
(33 stickers)
+ Add PIN# to Stickers for additional $4.95 and get 14 more Stickers for upgrading!

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