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Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator For Dummies

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Pet Locator For Dummies

Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator "For Dummies" has 3 tags because most families have more than one pet.

While other tags only have one way to contact you in case your Pet is lost, Smart-i-Tag™ has up to five. It has been proven that if the finder of your pet can contact you within a reasonable time, your chances of getting your loved pet back increases 85%. You will be contacted by the finder of your lost pet in seconds not days with a Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator on your loved pet.  

When you take your pet on a trip, you can change any of your contact numbers for the area you are traveling to, NO extra cost to you.

Smart-i-Tag Pet Locator for Dummies $15.95 (3 tags)

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  • 6 - 8 millions pets are returned to animal shelters each year.….”
    Sacramento Bee 2008

  • 3 - 4 million pets euthanized each year:….”
    Sacramento Bee 2008

  • 12 million pets are lost each year….”
    ASPCA 2001

  • 96% of cats and 86% of dogs are never returned to their owners....”
    Sacramento SPCA






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