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We can customize a private label version Smart-i-tag or sticker specifically for your company!

are highly visible and a great product for promotions. Consider the number of people that have car keys, few (1%) have a way of getting thier car keys back if lost or misplaced. If those same people had a Smart-i-tag with your logo attached to their car or house keys, that would mean your company name is seen everyday they use their car, or open their door at home. Should those keys ever get lost , not to worry with your company Smart-i-tag attached, they will call and thank you when their car or house keys are returned.

Company Image In Full View of Potential Customers 24/7
Based on industry averages: if 6-9 tags or stickers are seen daily (4x's), your Company name or web site will get 87.6 MILLION impressions for ever 10,000 sets of tags you distribute to your customers

Your company logo should be on luggage, iPods, cell phones, boat keys, gym bags, brief cases, laptops and other valuables. If your company supports specific charities or fund raising events, Smart-i-tag is the answer to add value to the event, increase your sales and exposure to the community.

For more information please hit the button below or call 800 475-9419

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