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Welcome to Smart-i-Tag!

Smart-i-Tag™ is run by Moms & Dads who love their children and pets, worry about their elderly parents and tend to lose a few things while on vacation or when the children go to school. 

We all pray that our children, pets or valuable belongings are never lost. But in the event an unforeseen incident were to happen, your belongings and pets are in safer hands with Smart-i-Tag™ working for you. With Smart-i-Tag™ your chance for recovery of those "misplaced" belongings or pets is increased five fold.

We've all heard from the news and authorities that Identity Theft is rampant.  The FBI, Police and local authorities have told us it's not a good idea to put our name, address or phone number on personal belongings or pet tags. 

But what do you do if a family member loses a valuable
belonging or pet?

With Smart-i-Tag your personal information is always safe, secure and private. The Smart-i-Tag provides the finder 5 ways to contact you without revealing your name, address or phone number. You will find Smart-i-tag™ to be the safe-secure answer for all adults, children, pets. Protect your back packs, bicycles, jackets, gym bags, luggage, key rings, sports equipment, purses and other valuable belongings from getting lost.

We look forward to you becoming a Smart-i-Tag owner and want you to know this is not a job to us but a passion to supply the most effective and cost savings recovery system in America to families like yours. If you feel we can do something better, please contact us personally as great ideas come from friends like you.  If you have a Smart-i-Tag story you would like to share with us, please send it to our attention.

Thanks from all of us at Smart-i-Tag





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