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Register Information for Smart-i-Tags or Smart-i-Stickers

Registration is necessary to link you with the items tagged or labeled.

If you have already registered your tag and need to update contact information, click here.

Make sure to fill everything out and click "Register!" at the bottom to complete this form.

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Register your Smart-i-Tags or Smart-i-Stickers



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For example if PASSWORD is: "BOYS"
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Contact Information
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Contact Numbers

The following contact numbers are required by Smart-i-tag to facilitate the ability of individuals to contact you when they find your belonging(s) or pet(s).

PLEASE NOTE: NONE of this information is revealed or released to the finder of your property, the information is safe and secure. We suggest registering a cell phone as the first contact number and a home phone as the second contact number.

*Cell or Home Phone Number Comment:
Second Phone Number Comment:
Third Phone Number Comment:
Relative/Friend Phone Number Comment:
Other Phone Number Comment:
Comments are to help identify the "Contact Number" being used.
For Example: My Cell, House, Office, Moms Number, Pager, Kathy - neighbor, Dad’s Work, Veterinarian etc.
Terms and Conditions

Smart-i-tag provides a product that will assist any individual or business
that finds your lost belonging(s) or pet(s) with a process to get them back
to you quickly without revealing your personal information. We do not claim,
warrant or guarantee that lost items will be located or returned.
Smart-i-tag has no control over events taking place in your state, city or
neighborhood and accepts no liability for any injury, damage, claim or
events related to any items lost when using the Smart-i-tag System.
Unlimited updates to your registered information via the website is included
the first year, after which to continue that service there is a minimal
annual fee. By checking the "Accept" button, you consent that you have read
and understand these terms and conditions.






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