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Welcome to Smart-i-Tag™... the tag that finds you when you need it most - 24/7 safe, secure, private...!

Use Smart-i-Tag™ for luggage, pets, children, laptops, iPods, Cell Phone, computer accessories and more! Its simple fast and easy. After you receive and register your PIN# attaché your Smart- i-Tag ™ or Smart- i-Sticker ™ to your belongings or pet. If either becomes lost or misplaced the finder can be in contact with you in 7-20 seconds, while Smart-i-Tag™ protects your ID.”

Owner: “If you lost anything of value like your belonging’s or pet you can report your loss by clicking 'Lost & Found.' "

Finder: “If you have called the 800# on the tag or sticker you can also report the belonging or pet by clicking 'Lost & Found.' "

Lost & Found

Go to our "Lost & Found" section located on the left, to report a lost or found item or pet with Smart-i-Tag™ !





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2. News Releases

3. “New! Custom Metal Smart-i-Tags™. Send us your design and we will print your design, logo or favorite picture your Smart-i-Tag ™ Learn more!

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